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postheadericon Field Day


 Last Thursday was Field Day at Leah’s preschool.  It had rained the evening prior, and was still kinda raining that morning.  Announcements were made that if it was still raining after 7am, the start time would be delayed from 9am to 10am.  When I left the house at 8:45, it wasn’t raining, but about halfway there it started misting.  I was really surprised when I got to the school at the number of parents already there.  I guess they decided they were going to take the chance and come on anyway.  While we were standing in line to sign-in, the principal came out and said it might clear up and if we would all just go wait in the cafeteria, and she would let us know what the plan would be.  About 20 minutes later, she announced that it looked like the rain had cleared, and the teachers could start taking the children out to their designated areas.


I went back out to the car to get my wagonload of stuff (I overpacked, as usual, but didn’t want to keep having to trek all the back out to the car for something, if I wanted to, so I brought it all…  chairs, cooler, jacket, umbrellas, first aid/cutter bug spray/sunscreen, change of clothes for Leah, and cameras).

By the time I got back, the first pre-k relay was over with and the second one had started.  I just caught Leah with my camera making a dash for the turn-around point  with the pole & cone.  She is the one in the middle of the photo below, with the red cone.

Field Day

There was a point where it drizzled rain for a little bit.  There were a lot of umbrellas scattered about, but it finally stopped completely.  The wind was blowing slightly, and it was a little muggy.  The skies were overcast all morning, so it wasn’t too bad.



The last relay was a piggy back race with the parents.  I’ve never done that before in my life, and I was wearing “slides”.  I just knew I was going to either slip in the  mud, or my ankle was going to turn and I’d topple over and land on Leah.  But we managed to get down and back with no mishaps during the race.  Well, I think she may have been falling off.  I didn’t have a good grip on her back side to help hold herself up.   She was trying very hard not to grip me around my throat, and was hanging on to my shirt.  Too bad I don’t have pics of me “skating” along… lol.  Later, I was feeling the effects of the relay, because my hip started to hurt. 

Here is Leah with some of her classmates.

Field Day

Field Day 

We had lunch together at the school, then we went home and I tried to rest for the remainder of the day, and Leah played Noggin on the computer. All in all, an okay day.

Leah Rose's Mom

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