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postheadericon Bowling Stars

I’m always concerned about my daughter’s hands and arms.  There are sometimes she seems to be so strong… like when she is pulling on my arms.  But there are other times that they seem so very weak, like trying to pull a shirt over her head.

Well, Leah Rose loves to go bowling.  This may be one of the things that she may not manage for a very long time. 

Today, we went to a birthday party at the bowling alley.  This has been our 3rd trip this year so far.  I was watching all the other 4, 5 and 6 year olds pick up their bowling balls and throw them down the alley.  Leah can pick it up, but her fingers just can’t fit in the holes and grip the bowling ball.

About halfway through the game, I was picking it up and carrying it to the line for her.  She also doesn’t have any power to get it down the alley, so I was helping her push it.  When we have been before, it’s just been us and not very crowded. I usually let her push it by herself and it sloooooowly rolls down the alley.   Today, just after we started playing, her ball just stopped rolling, right in the middle of the alley.  Not thinking, I hopped up on the little sideline thing and walked down to push it along towards the pins.  Big mistake, I don’t do very well in a balancing act.  However, I did not fall, thank goodness.  But I did see two other parents in our goup go down chasing little ones trying to run out down the alley.  OUCH!

So from that point on, I helped her push it.

I know nothing about bowling.  I probably won’t ever know much about bowling.  I probably won’t ever score over 65.  But, who knows? Leah may be playing in tournaments one day, and be a bowling star.

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