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postheadericon Career Path


 We spend way too much time in the doctor’s offices.  Leah Rose can now carry on her own personal conversations with the specialists.  A couple of years ago, we couldn’t get her nose unglued from the Nintendo DS screen to even look up at the doctors when they were talking to her.

Since Leah had her ear tubes removed in December, we have been seeing the PN at the ENT surgeon’s office every 6 weeks.  Today was our last visit.  We were dismissed from care with instructions to return if problems occurred.  We have been in their office so many times, that Leah can now tell me what is on the posters hanging on the walls of the exam room.  While we were waiting for the PN, she started talking about the poster, about allergies, and pollen, and fungus.  She informed me that she was going to be a doctor when she grew up.  I asked her what kind of doctor?  A doctor that takes care of children?  No.  A tummy doctor?  No.  An ear doctor?  No.  A bone doctor?  No.  Well?  An allergy doctor, so she can take of Mommy’s allergies.  Ohhhhhhh. 

Today was a day where I just sat back and watched.  The PN asked if she had been feeling okay, she replid yes, but her friend from school and his sister had ear infections and a fever, but she was okay.  She told the nurse earlier that she used to have ear infections and a fever when she was a baby.  The PN asked if she had a runny nose?  No.  Sore throat?  No.  Ears hurt?  No.  Can she hear okay?  Does she say ‘huh’ a lot?  No.  The PN giggled and said I bet Mom would say different on that one.  I just sat back and watched.  Oh, so much less tramatic than it was a year ago, with the fighting and the screaming.  Of course, we had to check the kitty’s ears too.  Cuddles always goes with us to the doctor.  Cuddles got a clean bill of heatlh too.

And, yay, we are off our restrictions…  we can sniff, have straws, lollipops, and go swimming now.  No more ENT visits, no more audiology tests.  YAY!

Later this evening Iwas thinking about how smart Leah is and how very aware she is of everything around here.  She just soaks everything in.  I remembered her chattering at me this morning.  We gave her a quick shower this morning since it was Spring photo day at school.  As soon as she got out of the shower, she rushed to the bathroom.  When she got done, she informed me why she had to go pee so soon after getting out of the shower, because the water went up and it came back out.  Okay, I’m not overly squeamish, I can talk poop with the best of the moms, but that was a bit much for me.  She can now almost list all of her surgeries and explain why she had to have them.

Oh yeah, I see medical school in her future.  :grin:

Leah Rose's Mom

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3 Responses to “Career Path”

  • What a smart girl. Great news about being set free from follow ups too. Congrats to both of you. And Cuddles too. Also, when Leah grows up, I can use a good allergist.
    Vixen´s last blog ..Bunny’s Day Out My ComLuv Profile

  • She is just precious!! I am your partner from SwapBot!!!

  • Colleen:

    😛 Heeey this is Miissc from swap-bot!!
    finally found a way to comment woo! ahaha anyway, I am prying for your little angel as she is just so precious… and lucky to have a mommy like you 🙂

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