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postheadericon Little League Tryouts


Lately, I have been considering getting Leah Rose started in some type of sports or recreational activity.  I did check into the Georgia Special Olympics online, but from what I’ve been able to figure out, she may not qualify since she is not developmentally delayed.  She wanted to play soccer, and I think that would be good, but another opportunity came along that I think may be better.  The Warner Robins American Little League were World Series Champions in 2007 and have been State and Division champs repeatedly.  Tryouts for the 1st annual Challenger Division for the WRALL were held this morning.    There were 75 kids there to tryout.  The players participate in one of two levels, tee ball and coach pitch, based on their playing capability rather than their age.  Two local high school baseball teams were on hand to be “buddies” to assist or show each child what they were supposed to do.

Leah Rose had a mixture of emotions about it… first she was very confident, I can hit the ball and I can run fast!  Next, she is shivering in her boots and her chin is quivering because she is afraid of what will happen.  Within the last few minutes before her name was called, she was saying “I don’t want to do this”, but when they called her name, she got up and walked down the bleachers to the gym floor.  The Coordinator introduced her to her buddy “C”, who was almost as tall as Leah’s brother is (he’s about 6’3″ and if you count the mohawk, he’s 6’6″).  I was very surprised, Leah went right to her buddy and followed his instructions.  Although, I don’t think he was expecting her to be such a chatterbox, lol.

Leah is the one in the pink shirt and black pants, standing to the right of #18.

Her time came up to bat, she swung and missed.  Then she put the bat on the floor, rubbed her hands together (to warm up), picked the bat back up, swung, and hit the ball.  I should have had the video camera going, but pushed the wrong button on the camera (annoyed pout).

She got a chance to hit the ball, to throw the ball, then hit the ball and run to first base.  When she started running, she stopped to pick up her bat and carried it with her to first base.  She was the 4th one called, I think they were starting from the youngest to the oldest.  She had everybody giggling at her high drama antics.  I have no idea where she has seen baseball, but she has the “exaggerated” actions down pretty good.  Must be from cartoons, although I don’t know which cartoons she has been watching that has baseball in it.

She was then sent over for some fielding.  She had to catch the ball that was rolled to her and then throw it back. 

She did pretty good with the catching part, but the throwing…   well, there was this wild wind-up that had me giggling inside, but  outwardly wishing she would just throw the ball already.  Again, no video.  Next time, I’ll be prepared (determined pout).

We were told we would hear back from the coach in a couple of weeks.  Practice should start after the weather warms up a little bit.  I think she had fun.  I enjoyed it a little (I never like to admit I enjoy anything… grumble, grumble).

I did notice one thing that may be a problem for her.  It’s not anything physical, or an understanding of the game itself.  She is very smart.  It’s the standing around waiting her turn.  THAT will be a problem.  I don’t know where she gets that from.  I am NOT impatient in the least (smirk).

It should be an interesting Spring!

Leah Rose's Mom

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One Response to “Little League Tryouts”

  • Sounds like she is going to have lots of fun. What kid can wait for their turn it’s the excitement I think. I hope she really enjoys it.

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