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postheadericon Kite Flying



 Last Thursday was Parent and Child Time (PACT) at Leah Rose’s school.  It was supposed to be bubbles and kite flying day.  The kite flying had been rescheduled from last month due to rain.  I have never been kite flying in my life… never.  And never really wanted to.  We bought some $1 kites, which is what was requested of us, and I really thought it was going to be a piece of cake to just attach the string and sail it up in the air.   Uhhhh….  no.  Evidently, there is a little more to it than that.  I stood out there in that school yard for an hour and could not get that kite to fly.  All it did was twirl.  I’m standing there in the middle of all these other perky, 20-something moms, and their kites are sailing just as pretty as you please, waaaaayyyy up in the sky.  I have to tell you, it was really a frustrating moment for me.  I can do other things well, and I’m not a stupid person, why in the world couldn’t I get this kite up in the air?  :???:  Poor Leah, she just didn’t understand and I think she was a little disgusted with me over it because she wandered off to go play on the playground.  I also screwed up the bubbles.  I brought bubbles, but when I opened them…  I couldn’t find a wand inside it.  UGH!   Leah finally asked her teacher for some bubbles, I think, because she came back later with some.  When I came home that day, I felt like a complete failure.  What was wrong with me that I couldn’t get a silly little kite up in the air?  I was almost in tears, because I just didn’t understand it.  :cry:

I had finally given up and given one of the kites I had to another little boy.  I saw one of Leah’s classmates’ mother standing there just nonchalantly holding the string to a Barbie kite.   The Barbie kite didn’t look any different than the one I had, but it did have a very long tail.  I told her I was having troubles, although I’m pretty sure she was aware of it.  She said she just held it up in the air, told her daughter to run with it, and it went straight up and it STAYED there.  She was gracious enough to allow Leah to hold the string for a little while.





On Saturday, we took Leah to her school so that she could ride her bicycle.  We took the kites with us because I wanted to try to figure out if I cold fly it.  My friend that went with us became just as frustrated as I was on Thursday.  Those kites just would not fly at all.  They just wanted to twirl instead of sailing on the wind, and there was plenty of wind too.   We finally came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the way the string was attached to the lines hanging from the center of the kite.  But by that time, we had destroyed the kites we had left over, and we were getting tired and hungry.  We went home, cleaned up, went out to dinner, then stopped at Walmart to see if there were any kites left.  We found Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman kites for $1 each, so we bought 2 buzz lightyears.

On Sunday afternoon, we went back out to the school, bound and determined we were going to get those kites up in the air.  And after doing a little research on the internet, we were more confident about what we were doing.  Saturday, we almost had the idea right…  the “pivot” point of the kite needed to be higher.  After a few false starts, we finally got those kites flying.  YAY!  :lol:  Once we got them up there, it was kinda relaxin’ just watching it glide along way up almost touching the clouds.


Leah was totally disinterested in kite flying on Saturday and Sunday.  She played on the playground, and then of course, on Sunday, a bunch of kids were out there playing, so she enjoyed that more than watching us fly kites.

There probably won’t be any more kite flying adventures this spring, but I’ll be ready next year.   :grin:  I’m very relieved to know that I’m not really an idiot.  LOL.

Leah Rose's Mom

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