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Archive for the ‘Kindergarten’ Category

postheadericon Bowling Stars

I’m always concerned about my daughter’s hands and arms.  There are sometimes she seems to be so strong… like when she is pulling on my arms.  But there are other times that they seem so very weak, like trying to pull a shirt over her head.

Well, Leah Rose loves to go bowling.  This may be one of the things that she may not manage for a very long time. 

Today, we went to a birthday party at the bowling alley.  This has been our 3rd trip this year so far.  I was watching all the other 4, 5 and 6 year olds pick up their bowling balls and throw them down the alley.  Leah can pick it up, but her fingers just can’t fit in the holes and grip the bowling ball.

About halfway through the game, I was picking it up and carrying it to the line for her.  She also doesn’t have any power to get it down the alley, so I was helping her push it.  When we have been before, it’s just been us and not very crowded. I usually let her push it by herself and it sloooooowly rolls down the alley.   Today, just after we started playing, her ball just stopped rolling, right in the middle of the alley.  Not thinking, I hopped up on the little sideline thing and walked down to push it along towards the pins.  Big mistake, I don’t do very well in a balancing act.  However, I did not fall, thank goodness.  But I did see two other parents in our goup go down chasing little ones trying to run out down the alley.  OUCH!

So from that point on, I helped her push it.

I know nothing about bowling.  I probably won’t ever know much about bowling.  I probably won’t ever score over 65.  But, who knows? Leah may be playing in tournaments one day, and be a bowling star.

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postheadericon Wild West Dance

We are celebrating Exceptional Children’s Week this week and I guess it was appropriate that the Little League had tryouts last Saturday for the Challenger Division.  I don’t know if they timed it that way or not, but it was a good kick-off for us.  There was a luncheon/reception for the teachers on Monday.  I attended the Parent’s Luncheon on Wednesday.  I was the only one who showed up, besides the Parent Mentor.  She thought it was a little odd since 6 or 7 parents showed up last year.  There were quite a few parents at the Parent Partnership Monthly Meeting on Tuesday night, so she expected a few more to show up.  Oh well, we had a nice lunch anyway.

Last night, we went to a Wild West Dance and we were told to dress-up because there would be a contest.  I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for Leah to wear the cowgirl outfit I made for her for Halloween 2008.  First, I want to share a little background on the outfit I made…  I had a red and black one when I was about 5 years old.

I was such a cutie pie!  I loved it when my daddy took pictures of me.  So, anyway, here is the one I made for Leah Rose

I think she looks so adorable, and she’s got the pose to go with it.

I really thought Leah would have a lot of competition for the contest, but it turns out there were only 2 other girls that dressed up.

and the winner is…. 

Leah, the Best Dressed Girl.

She had the best time dancing on the stage. 

I thought it was so cute that the little boy was trying his best to keep up with Leah.  This is where she stayed the whole time we were there, and had a blast.  I think at the end of this video, where she is wandering around looking lost?  I think she was looking for the speaker.  She couldn’t tell where the music was coming from.

We had our picture taken with John Wayne.

I usually don’t share pictures of myself, but since Leah took this picture, I had to post it.

A good time was had by all.  The PTO sold hot dogs, chips, drinks, and snacks.  I was grateful because that was the only supper I was going to get last night.  It was pretty tasty. 

I’m going to have to keep an eye out for the paper because there should be an article about the dance, and the winners!

If you want to see the rest of the photos, click here ==>> Photo Album

Or if you want to see the slide show, click here ==>>  Slide Show

Leah Rose – 6yo (3/4/10) 

Oh, and Horsey, I think he had a good time too.

This post has been linked up to To Be Thode’s Saturday Sound Off.

To Be Thode

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postheadericon No, I am NOT Jealous… and


… I don’t smell like a rotten egg.

This has been a recurring game that Leah Rose and I have been playing for a while.  I know Leah loves me, she tells me so all the time, and I’m always getting sweet hugs.  But, when we get around Grandmother or Big Brother, I’m chopped liver.  When we all go out to eat together, the big decision is who is she going to sit by.  I’m never one of the candidates for a table buddy, it’s always Grandmother and Brother.  I am NOT jealous, uh huh, no way.  She has secrets to share, and shares them with Grandmother.  I am NOT jealous, uh huh, no way.  When we are all walking together, she wants to hold Grandmother’s or Brother’s hand,  not mine.  I am NOT jealous, none.  whatsoever.  It’s a new word and new emotion for her, and she hasn’t quite figured out what it mean yet.  I’m waiting for the day when the light bulb comes on.  Should be priceless.

The other game we have all played at some time or other in our childhood…  “Last one there is a rotten egg!”.  I have heard that so much lately it’s starting to become a chant in my head.  Since my mother had her hip surgery two years ago, she walks even more slowly than usual, and to get Leah in the car in a reasonable amount of time…  she takes the long route around, circling all the bushes, and running down all the sidewalks… we would tell her “Let’s see who can get in the car and get buckled in first”.  Leah would take the bait.  It never failed.  After a while, I noticed I was always the last one getting in the car and buckled in.  I would respond with a lot of muttering and grumbling under my breath.

Now, I’m the rotten egg.  Grandmother and Leah are a “team”.  So it doesn’t matter what I do, I’m always going to be the “rotten egg”.  And I’m not jealous.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Leah Rose's Mom

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postheadericon IEP & Registration


 Last week, I attended Leah Rose’s IEP with her teachers and therapists.  Nothing makes a mom prouder than to sit and listen to 4 people give glowing reports on your child and just go on and on about how much they love her and enjoy having her around.  I mean, really, a mom can’t get enough of it.  She’s “bright” and “loves learning”.  She can identify colors, shapes, upper and lower case letters, writes her first name, and understands concepts like big/little, large/small, etc.  She can even read certain words like “we”, “will” and “learn”.  She loves going to school and greets everyone with a smile and hug as she walks down the hall and when entering the classroom.  As far as learning goes, according to one of the tests given to her, she is testing academically at the age of 7 years 3 months (she is 5 years 6 months now) and the other test she scored at 79, which is in the 84 percentile for her age group.  She can follow rules, and is very routine oriented.  She loves to be the line leader and takes her “duties” very seriously.

Leah Rose has been in pre-k since she was 3 years old, starting in Florida in September 2006, and continuing when we  moved to Georgia in December 2006.  She is now in an “inclusion” preschool class.   There are only 5 students out of the 20 that are special needs, and no one really knows who they are except the teachers.  There has been such a dramatic behavioral change since she started school…  such as shyness around adults.  She used to not want a stranger to touch her.  I noticed that every “new” adult that approached her wanted to reach out and touch and hug, and she would either curl up in a ball in the floor, or hide behind me.  No matter how much I would encourage her and tell her these were my friends, she wasn’t having any of it.  That is no longer the case, she now carries on a conversation with anyone who speaks to her.  She will ask them their name, tell them her name and how old she is.  Sometimes she will even ask them how old they are.  This is especially true in restaurants, she will “chat up” the waitresses and waiters, and even the clerks at the cash registers in the stores.   Loud noises would frighten her, such as toilets flushing.  For the most part, she is over that, except when we go to new places that have automatic flushing toilets.  She used to only want to interact with adults, but now she is moving towards playing with or alongside her classmates.  Her biggest strengths are handwriting and drawing.  Leah’s sessions with her Developmental Specialist has been reduced to “monitoring” in the classroom.

As far as therapy goes, she was dismissed from physical therapy earlier in the year.  I was told at that time she could ride a bicycle around the playground, and some of her classmates couldn’t even manage that.  She will continue occupational therapy through the end of the year, then she will be “monitored” for the first quarter of the next year.  Her fingers and hands are mobile and can manipulate scissors in cutting out shapes.  The speech therapist is new.  She has only been with Leah since January, but she is very pleased with Leah’s ability to concentrate and focus on the exercises required of her.  She has difficulty with the “sh” and “s” sounds.  Sometimes she has a nasaly sound when making the s, z, sh, ch and j sounds.  Her verbal skills are very high.   She knows a lot of big words that I don’t think I knew when I was that age.  She talks non-stop, from the time she gets up until the time her eyes close at night.  She is constantly asking for me to spell words for her, and makes up rhyming words, and opposite words.  She is very imaginative and makes up songs, acting out scenes.  She even plans out scenarios, for instance, if I tell her we are going to a party, she tells me exactly what she is going to do when we get there.

Currently, she is attending a primary school that is out of our school zone, only because the “inclusion” class is not offered at the elementary school we are zoned for.  The new school was established a couple of years ago  and are still working on growing their staff and resources.  It was recommended that Leah should transfer to her zoned school next year and no longer be in the “inclusion” type classroom.  I had been asking her teachers for several months if I needed to register her for Kindergarten, and they kept telling me they would find out and let me know, and definitely have the answer at the IEP meeting.  Well, they didn’t.  This meeteing was on  Wednesday and registration ended on Friday.  They promised to find out and let me know.  So I went home and promptly forgot about it, largely due to my sinuses kicking up because of the weather changes.  I was in a fog, and didn’t pay particular attention to her “agenda” that is sent home in her backpack every day.  Until Friday afternoon, at 4:45 pm.  I opened it up and there was a note, “please register Leah at her zoned school”.  I panicked:eek:.  What do you mean?  Why didn’t you call me, or send me an email?  Registration is over!  I frantically called the school and nobody answered the phone.  I didn’t even get an answering machine.  So then I scurry around trying to find all the paperwork I needed…  let’s see, utility bill, check, social security card…  uh oh,  I lost it, it is nowhere to be found.  Birth certificate, no that’s mine, that’s Ted’s, my shot record?  Good grief, that won’t do.  Marriage certificates, divorce decrees, no, no, no.  Everything except her shot record, her social security card, and her birth certificate.  So I took a breather, guzzled a Dr. Pepper, and I think I may have even had a milky way bar.  Came back and found the birth certificate, right where it was supposed to be, then I found a copy of her social security card.  Well, 3 out of 5, okay, I think I can live with that.  I worried about it all weekend, whether or not I was going to be able to get Leah registered at the new school.  Then a thought occurred to me:idea:, well, do you think they waited so late to tell me was because they wanted to keep Leah for themselves?  Silly thought.  But possible.  Finally, Monday came around and I went to the new school, and they will be accepting kindergarten registrations through the end of the year.  Thank goodness.  The administrator was very kind and took the paperwork I had and I filled out the forms.  She said she would call the primary school for this year’s physical/vision/ear exam, and for her shot record.  And then she told me I had to bring her in for testing, Bracken’s I think.  I thought that was one of the test results that her teacher gave me, but there isn’t a mention of it in her IEP at all, nowhere.  So she is signed up for that in May.  Whew!  What a relief to have that all done, except….  I still have this nagging question…  is she registered, or not?  I know that sounds kinda dumb after all the hoops I just went through.  But here is the last thing the administrator said to me, “We are getting a couple of new classes next year, and we’re not sure what is going on”.  Okay, that doesn’t sound good to me.:???:

Next week…  Spring Break.  She is going to have withdrawals with no one to play with.  I’m going to go crazy:shock:.


Leah Rose's Mom

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