Leah Rose's Mom ~Princess in Training Blog

January 27, 2003:  I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant.  Had a sonogram but all you could see was the gestational sac.


February 14, 2003:  Had my second sonogram at 7 weeks.  Due date is October 3, 2003.


March 14, 2003:  Platlets are low, but I'm not anemic.  Heard the heartbeat.


April 10, 2003:  Had a Level II sonogram at the High Risk Pregnancy Center at almost 15 weeks.  The doctor said there is a 10% chance of Down's Syndrome (from the measurement at the back of the skull and the pinky finger could not be seen).  The good news is the bone structure is very sound and he could see the bridge of the nose.  He recommended amnio, but I'm not ready to take that step.  I have another appointment at 20 weeks to do another Level II sonogram.   IT'S A GIRL!  The baby's heartbeat is 153 bpm.


April 14, 2003:  Platlets have returned to normal.  Had my third sonogram at just over 15 weeks.


May 5, 2003:  Platlets still normal.  AFP levels normal.  The baby's heartbeat is 150 bpm.  My blood pressure is 144/84, a little high for the second visit in a row.  I've only gained 7 pounds.  Per doctor's instructions, I will record my blood pressure three times a day.  Blood was drawn to test for hypertension and preeclampsia.  {Update:  Tests results - negative; no anemia, thyroid function normal, and glucose levels normal}


May 15, 2003:  Had a second Level II sonogram at the High Risk Pregnancy Center at almost 20 weeks.  BP was 124/70.  He said things are still fine structurally, but she was keeping her hands and fingers abnormally curled under her chin and wouldn't open her hands.  This could be an indication of a chromosomal defect, but wouldn't know for sure unless I consented to the amnio.  However, he still didn't see anything that could cause me not to deliver naturally, or to keep me from delivering at my local hospital.  I'm still reluctant to have an amnio.


June 2, 2003:  Everything is normal.  My blood pressure was 133/88.  I've gained 10 pounds since my visit on May 15.  Leah's growth rate is right on target and her heart rate was 160 bpm.  I asked my doctor if she could change my prenatal vitamin prescription.  I had been experiencing dizziness and just generally not feeling well.  When I stopped taking the vitamins, those symptoms went away.  She changed my prescription and I am scheduled for the fasting blood sugar test on my next appointment.  My doctor also said that after my next visit, I will have more frequent appointments.  I have been referred to the anesthesiologist to register for the epidural.


June 30, 2003:  My blood pressure was 124/72.  I've gained 6-7 pounds since my last visit.  Leah weighs a little over 2 pounds and her heart rate was around 133.  I had the one hour fasting blood sugar test.  {Update:  Test results - blood sugar level is 154.  I have another appointment scheduled for July 7 for the 3 hour fasting blood sugar test.}


July 7, 2003:  Had a 3 hour fasting blood sugar test.  The doctor called on July 11 to let me know the blood sugar level was 105.  She said it is borderline for gestational diabetes and has scheduled me for an appointment at the hospital to meet with a nutritionist and to get set up to check my sugar level every day.  I do not have to inject myself with insulin at this time.


July 16, 2003:  I met with the Nutritionist at the hospital and she gave me instructions for a 2400 calorie diet.  I also met with the Patient Education Coordinator for instructions on using the AccuChek to check my sugar levels.  I am a little frustrated working on this diet.  It seems like it consumes a lot of time, along with checking my sugar levels.


July 21, 2003:  My blood pressure was 120/70 and I had only gained around 6 pounds.  My doctor feels that my sugar levels were still a little high and decided to put me on daily injections of insulin.  The doctor agreed to put me on partial disability so that some of the stress from working full-time can be relieved.  I am waiting for a call from the hospital Patient Education Coordinator.  I didn't take the news very well.


July 22, 2003:  I met with the Patient Education Coordinator.  She assured me that there wasn't anything that I could have done to prevent the gestational diabetes and with the diet and insulin, I should be able to control it very easily.  I have to admit, sticking my finger to check my sugar levels hurts more than sticking a sharp syringe in my leg.  But my mind sure takes a long time to accept the idea of giving myself a shot.


July 28, 2003:  My blood pressure was 124/78.  I haven't gained any weight since last week.  The baby's heart rate was 160.  The good news is that the doctor is very pleased with my sugar levels.  Still needs a little work, but she feels very confident that it can be stabilized.  The bad news is that Leah weighs a little over 4 lbs., which is a little high.  The doctor cautioned me that if the baby continued to gain weight, then my chances increase for having a c-section.  The growth rate (along with my sugar levels) will be monitored very carefully over the next two months.  I'm still not taking the news very well, but I must be hiding it, because the doctor keeps telling me that I'm doing great.


August 4, 2003:  I felt like my sugar levels weren't stabilizing like the doctor wanted them to, so I took my record book over to her office for her to look over.  She still feels they are okay, but she has increased my insulin dose by 2 units.  I am having difficulty injecting the insulin.  It seems to take longer and longer each morning for me to work up the courage to insert the syringe in my leg.  I have to admit this is one of my more emotional (or hormonal?) moments, and is really not a good start to the day.


August 11, 2003:  Rescheduled for August 18.


August 18, 2003:  My blood pressure was 120/70.  I have lost 2 pounds since July 28.  I have gained a total of 23 pounds since my first visit.  My doctor was very pleased with my sugar levels.  They have been within the range she has set for me, even though the levels have been bouncing all around the range.  The sonogram showed that the baby was approximately 6 lbs. 6 oz.  The baby's heart rate was 150 bpm.  The doctor cautioned me again about the possibility of a c-section.  I will be seeing her for weekly appointments.  She will make a decision regarding the c-section in the next 3 to 4 weeks.


August 27, 2003:  My blood pressure was 144/70.  I gained 3 pains since August 18.  My sugar levels are still doing ok.  A growth scan was not performed at this visit.  The baby's heart rate was 150 bpm.  The doctor has pretty much decided I should deliver by c-section.  She will probably do it just before the baby reaches 9 lbs.  I haven't started to dilate yet.


September 5, 2003:  No dilation yet.  I gained a little over 2 lbs.  Iron level is borderline.  BP still good.  Effaced approximately 50%.


September 12, 2003:  I'm dilated a little over 1 cm.  Blood pressure was 132/68.  I gained about 2 pounds since September 5.  According to the growth scan, the baby weighs approximately 8 lbs., 1-7 oz.  The doctor has decided to schedule me for inducing on September 19.  She will follow-up on September 15 to be sure..


September 15, 2003:  Still only dilated about 1 cm.  Blood pressure was 148/80.  I gained another couple of pounds.  The doctor sent me over to the hospital to have my blood pressure checked out.  All is fine, but she put me on bed rest until September 19.


September 19, 2003:  Hospital appointment for induction.