Leah Rose's Mom ~Princess in Training Blog

September 19, 2003


7:30 AM:  Arrived at the hospital for induction.  Still only dilated about 1 cm.  Blood sugar levels checked every hour.


8:30 AM:  Induction was started.


11:10 AM:  The doctor broke my water.  Dilated about 3 cm.


4:30 PM:  Epidural was started.


5:00 PM:  My blood pressure started to drop so I was put on oxygen.


5:15 PM:  Dilated about 4 cm and 90% compressed.


6:30 PM:  During the contractions, the baby's heart beat was not recording and the baby was somewhat distressed.  A scalp lead was attached, but did not help.  The baby had not dropped in position yet.  The doctor decided to perform a c-section immediately.


7:19 PM:  Leah Rose arrived.  7 lbs. 15 oz and 20-1/4" inches.  I was in the recovery room for about 5 hours.  There was some concern that I hadn't recovered the feelings in my legs and feet, but the anesthesiologist reassured us that it may take up to 6 hours.  I also became sick after drinking warm water, and that made for a very miserable night.


Mama and my cousin drove up from Georgia to stay with me and help me after the baby is born.  My friend, Ginger, also came and spent most of the day.  She held my hand and let me squeeze as tight as I needed to get through some of the more painful moments.  She was a true friend and I will be forever grateful for her kindness and compassion during this difficult time.


The feelings in my legs finally returned before the next morning, along with extreme itching, especially on my back.  I was told this was a reaction from the epidural and would go away.  Boy, oh boy, was that ever a miserable night...  nausea, itching, and couldn't move my legs.


I also want to add here that my doctor and the staff at the hospital were outstanding.  I had several excellent nurses and I just can't sing their praises loudly or often enough.